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Uma série de 15 casos fatais de aspergilose em pinguins (Spheniscus PALAVRAS-CHAVE: aspergilose; aves marinhas; micoses; patologia; pinguins. 1 ago. Diagnóstico macro e microscópico de Aspergilose em frangos de corte. Macroscopic and . Aspergilose em lotes de aves jovens cursa com. Os objetivos do trabalho foram avaliar a ocorrência de aspergilose causada por Aspergillus fumigatus em aves comerciais através do diagnóstico micológico e.

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Identification and characterization of Aspergillus fumigatus isolates from broilers

However, our results concur with the findings of Steinlage et al. The surface and the reverse of the colonies were observed, as well as diameter, conidial color, texture and presence of soluble pigments Tell, ; Klich, ; Samson and Pitt, ; Pitt, ; Pitt and Hocking, Considering the variety of birds found in the Brazilian zves in the Cerrado Manica et al.

This finding raises awareness concerning the isolation of this species in exotic birds. Furthermore, genotyping studies on fungal populations may provide opportunity to compare genetic diversity avez and among clinical and environmental isolates from broilers. Diversity of yeasts isolated from litter and soil of different natural forest sites in Austria.

Diagnosis of invasive septate mold infections.

The Journal of Infectionvol. EdsDiseases of Poultry. The resulting powder was transferred to labeled Erlenmeyer flasks containing 30 mL of saline solution 0. Hamburg, Germany ; pp.

The incidence of aspergillosis in captive wild birds. Direct microscopic exam and histopathology showed septate, hyaline and branching hyphae in apsergilose and complete asexual reproductive structure of Aspergillus in the air sacs involved. The resulting separated mixture was decanted after 30 min.


Oxford University Press, New York. In a study investigating the causes of death in these animals, the 11 cases of aspergillosis were restricted to the respiratory tract and no dissemination was observed HOCKEN, After 7 days of incubation 37 0 to 40 0 C the colonies of Aspergillus were asperggilose onto Czapeck-Dox Agar for final macro and microscopical identification. Cryptococcus neoformans isolation from Swallow Hirundo rustica excreta in Iran.

Wingers Publishing ; pp. The histological alteration observed most frequently was lymphoid hyperplasia. Microsatellite typing of Aspergillus fumigatus isolates recovered from deep organ samples of patients with invasive aspergillosis.

Medical mycologyvol.

A laboratory guide to common Penicillium species. Rhea americana araneipes, Primolius maracana, Ara ararauna, Ara chloropterus, Anodorhynchus hyacinthinusAmazona aestiva, Ara macao macaoRamphastos toco, Sarcoramphus papaBusarellus nigricollisBubo virginianus nacurutu, Buteogallus coronatus, Buteogallus urubutinga urubitinga, Spizaetus melanoleucus, Spizaetus ornatus ornatus, Buteo albonotatus, Geranoaetus albicaudatus albicaudatus, Rupornis magnirostris magnirostris e Harpia harpyja e aves em quarentena: Mycological cultivation and histopathological diagnosis increase the probability of detecting pulmonary alterations in birds condemned by the Final Inspection System, which suggests that such diagnostic criteria can improve the assessment and condemnation of birds affected by airsacculitis.

This stress is usually associated with poor conditions, such as inadequate ventilation and feed and poultry litter contaminated by large amounts of fungal propagules Charlton et al. Diagnosis of fungal infections: Iowa State University Press, Amesd. Microbiological Researchvol. Pulmonary Aspergillus colonization in humans and its impact on management of critically ill patients.

This allows fungal conidia to escape from the exhalation air-flow, to deposit on the epithelium and develop focal infection BAUCK, The Chileans authors suggested that it would be interesting to conduct studies to verify whether there are significant differences in the yeast microbiota of birds maintained in zoological gardens and in wild birds, as well as the virulence factors associated with these yeasts.


Journal of infection and chemotherapy: Aspergillosis in gentoo penguins Pygoscelis papua at Edinburgh Zoo, Candida krusei Castellani Berkhout.

Only in one sample were fungal elements detected by HE and Grocott staining Fig. This finding it is in agreement with the literature, since due to ubiquitous distribution of A.

Fungal isolation from respiratory samples has been regarded as being of limited usefulness in the ante mortem diagnosis of aspergillosis in human patients. Pulmonary aspergillosis outbreak in Rhea americana in Southern Brazil.

The size of the samples was calculated for an unmatched case-control study, corrected by the Kelsey method Kelsey et al. Recovery of Aspergillus spp. We also observed frequent involvement of adrenal glands in penguins with disseminated aspergillosis, which might be associated to the higher blood-flow to this organ. We studied a series of fifteen fatal cases of aspergillosis in penguins Spheniscus magellanicusseen over a 4-year period at a rehabilitation center in Southern Brazil.

Aspergillosis in mammals and birds: Data and statistical analyses.

Ciência Animal Brasileira

Amazona aestiva and Eupsitulla aurea. In Spain, were isolated C. Surto de Aspergilose ocular em pintos de corte Gallus gallus domesticus Linneaus,