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18 Oct ASTM A/AM Standard Practice for Cleaning, Descaling, and Passivation of Stainless Steel Parts, Equipment, and Systems. I currently need to passivate a partly electropolished L stainless steel The passivation procedure I intend following, in general, ASTM ASTM A [link is to . Specifying Pickling and Passivation. Pickling and Stainless steels will naturally self-passivate whenever a .. standards ASTM A and A outline iron.

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This process greatly reduces the formation rust on the surface of the workpiece. Consideration shall be given astm a380 passivation the design of parts, equipment, and systems that will require cleaning to minimize the presence of areas in which dirt, or cleaning solutions might become trapped, and to provide for effective circulation and removal of cleaning solutions.

On astm a380 passivation other hand, some of the practices may be applicable for these purposes. We understand tight specifications and because of this we know how to lassivation to standards and processes. Meaningful tests to establish the degree of cleanness of a surface are few, passvation those are often difficult to administer and to evaluate objectively. Quote Your Next Project. Don’t hesitate to reach out for help achieving ASTM standards.

Passivation of 316L SS per ASTM A380

Process Class Stainless Steel Types C1 or C2 Austenitics, austenitic precipitation hardening and duplex C3 High chromium martensitics C4 Ferritics, astm a380 passivation and martensitic precipitation hardening. The treatments are then defined by the process classes. This ASTM also deals astm a380 passivation asym pre-cleaning stage which can be done with pickling, ultrasonics and degreasing.


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They astm a380 passivation us to do our job better and not worry about the finish” – Modern Grinding. I think you may be thinking of ammonium hydrogen difluoride which is often used in place of hydrofluoric acid in pickle solutions. Depending on the application, chemical descaling acid pickling as described in 5. ASTM A deals with the standards for cleaning, descaling, and passivation of stainless steel parts, equipment, and systems.

For more specific safety precautions see 7. Scales shall be removed through chemical descaling, acid pickling, and mechanical descaling. The standard also allows any combination astm a380 passivation citric acid concentration, temperature and time, provided that the passivation test criteria astm a380 passivation be met. In some cases, no passivatipn than degreasing or removal of gross contamination is necessary.

Having been in the metal finishing industry for nearly a century, Keystone Corporation meets the qualified standards of ASTM A and is well qualified to handle your passivation needs. I agree with Lee that what you are proposing should not be a problem with the EP’d surfaces. Passivation treatments are sometimes specified, but it astm a380 passivation important to consider whether this is strictly necessary or not.

Range C Time mins. If the piping system is already assembled, there are service companies which specialize in on-site projects of this sort, astm a380 passivation Astropak. Materials shall be precleaned. Stainless steels are designed to naturally self-passivate whenever a clean surface is exposed to an environment that can provide enough oxygen to form the chromium rich oxide surface layer, on which the corrosion resistance of pasaivation alloys depends.


This formula should not hurt your electropolished surfaces. I currently need astm a380 passivation passivate a partly electropolished L stainless steel process system. This public forum has 60, threads. Pickling, passivation and removing iron contamination passlvation nitric acid Passivation treatments are sometimes specified, but it is important to astm a380 passivation whether this is strictly necessary or not.

In addition, this standard also includes citric acid treatments. Stainless steels passifation be passivated unless the steel surface is clean and free from contamination and scale from welding operations.

ASTM A – Stainless Steel Passivation by Keystone Finishing

Precision inspection shall be performed by solvent-ring test, black light inspection, atomizer test, and astm a380 passivation test. Some of the various meanings associated with the term passivation that are in common usage include the following:.

Tests with acceptance criteria to demonstrate that the passivation procedures have been successful are listed in 7.