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David always enjoyed mathematics, but America’s space program together with ‘ Star Trek’ made him think that computers were really interestin. David A Rusling [email protected] REVIEW, Version January 25, This book is for Linux enthusiasts who want to know how the Linux kernel. Version David A Rusling [email protected]). Table of Contents, Show Frames, No Frames © David A Rusling copyright notice.

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Towards the targeted russling of gene expression by modified triplex-forming oligonucleotides. DNA triplex formation with 5-dimethylaminopropargyl deoxyuridine. A method for determining the sequence selectivity, affinity and kinetics of DNA-binding ligands.

The stability of triplex DNA is affected by the stability of the underlying duplex. Stabilisation of self-assembled DNA crystals by triplex-directed photo-cross-linking. I find it hard to believe as it has been quite a journey and as usual has consumed all of When I was a young lad at school, I loved the Christmas holiday.

Research Publications Teaching Contact Research interests My research concerns the structure, function and applications of nucleic acids. Combining nucleoside analogues to achieve recognition of oligopurine tracts by triplex-forming oligonucleotides at physiological pH.

David Rusling

I am as fascinated by how an organisation works as I am by how a code base works. First of all, Linaro is 7.


Chemical Communications52 51 Moreover, we have recently shown that such sequence-specific recognition agents provide a useful means to introduce biological and chemical components into two and three-dimensional nanostructures assembled from DNA, including those built from double-crossover ACS Nano and tensegrity triangle motifs Angewandte Chemie Book Chapters Rusling, D.

Tuesday, October 16, DNA recognition by triple helix formation. Chemical Communications20 The countdown to Linaro Connect Bangk ACS Nano6 4 We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. A method for determining the sequence selectivity, affinity and kinetics of DNA-binding ligands.

If you continue without changing your settings, we will assume that you are happy to receive cookies on the University of Southampton website.

New York University, US. Sunday, August 12, Tuesday, Ruslnig 21, The technical problems were more When the idea that became Linaro came to us in latethe world was or at least appeared to be a much simpler place. At the last LDS we decided that we wanted to integrate the activities of the What happened this year?

We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. One means of achieving precise DNA sequence recognition over several base pairs involves the formation of intermolecular DNA triple helices.

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David Rusling – Linaro

Nucleic Acids Research46 3 Start Ups are Fun Functionalizing designer DNA crystals with davjd triple-helical veneer. In this blog I write about how Linaro evolved. Our research is dusling on exploiting the processes that govern DNA self-assembly and recognition for applications in medicine, nanotechnology and synthetic biology. This approach allows the programmable positioning of molecules in two and three-dimensional space, and we are currently working towards applications that include the organisation of nanoelectronics, the direction of enzymatic and chemical cascades, and the structure determination of periodically positioned molecules by X-ray diffraction.

After all, the mobile Triplex-directed recognition of a DNA nanostructure assembled by crossover strand exchange. Thoughts after Autoware 96Boards Demo Stable recognition of TA interruptions by triplex forming oligonucleotides containing a novel ruslung. I am also interested in the targeting of these complexes by small molecules, polyamides and other molecules. Talking about the six monthly Linaro releases is, perhaps, a little misleading.