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“The face of war is changing. The other side doesn’t play by the rules much anymore. There’s thinking, in some circles, that we need to play by a different set of. James Bond as you’ve never sen him before in the smashing new thriller and #1 international bestseller from Jeffrey Deaver. A Night Action alert calls James. In “Carte Blanche,” Jeffery Deaver brings James Bond back to life, again.

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Niall Dunne re-appears, attacking the party before Bond and Bheka Jordaan shoot and kill him.

Carte Blanche by Jeffery Deaver – review

There will be big spoilers from here on out The one note that Deaver edits from Fleming’s oeuvre is the morbid side of Bond that grows more pronounced with each book in the earlier series, until it culminates in a personal crisis that causes Bond to consider drastic actions for relief.

He passes the amazing and interesting tricks on after the action has passed as though he’s trying to explain the story to a child and the child wouldn’t really understand the whys and hows, so he just reveals how brilliant he is afterwards rather than as it happens.

Since Fleming passed away and the Bond name and series continued without him, a handful of authors have added to the Bond canon with varying measures of success, yet without capturing the vitality–the soul, you could say–that makes Fleming’s books so good. Refresh and try again.

Carte Blanche by Jeffery Deaver

See full terms and conditions and this month’s choices. So for that I took off another star. Give Deaver at least some credit deacer originality.

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And Agent has been given carte blanche to do whatever it takes to fulfill his mission In fact, “Carte Blanche” is so good, I actually took my time reading it, so as to make the concoction last just a little longer.

In my mind, Bond has blanhe save the world – he is almost like Flash Gordon, saviour of the Blanchw At first it just seems strange, but Deaver does a great job of using this sick preoccupation to shape a true monster.

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She intends to use this power to strategically distribute food throughout east Africa, giving the Sudanese government a pretext to go to war with rebels and prevent Southern Sudan from seceding. There was a satisfying feaver of suspense, story telling, sex and humor, and terrific end of chapter hooks so I always wanted to read just one more.

Order by newest oldest recommendations.

James Bond, in his early thirties and already a veteran of the Afghan War, has been recruited to a new organization. A Night Action alert calls James Bond away from dinner with a xarte woman. We are gathered here together to witness the joyous union between the James Bond literary franchise, and the successfully established thriller novelist Jeffery Deaver.

Carte Blanche (novel) – Wikipedia

Especially other people who lack his all consuming passion for life at the edge and all its finest rewards and pleasures.

Jun 07, J.

It works, imagined as a reboot. Well reseached by the writer with all the obvious things that makes the “movie” James Bond such fun to watch. She’s never much of a threat.


I’ve followed all the “new ” novels since Fleming’s death: Like Gardner, Benson, Faulks and now Deaver they all write about recognisable moviehero. While exploring the base hospital, he is sealed inside by Niall Dunne, who intends to kill him by bringing the hospital down in a controlled demolition. Return to Book Page. The rendition aspect was a nice, satisfying touch, but again, not very Bondian that actually felt more like something that should happen in Quotes from Carte Blanche.

Absent is the callous disregard and the stiff upper lip. Thank you for signing up, fellow book lover! James Bond novels and short stories.

I was very happy that he didn’t go the route of the new movies in the rebooted series the bane of my Bond fandom and make him an SAS special forces brute. James Bond is back – with all the high adventure, bizarre villains, and beautiful women with whimsical names.

In my opinion, despite some flaws, the author does just that. Royal Marine Commandos abseiled from the roof of the elaborate station to hand Deaver a copy of the novel as he unveiled the book to the world’s press. One needs to just enjoy the story as a story, and suspend complaints about deviations from Fleming’s ideal.