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Yog. “Yog is the happy time of the meeting between the soul and God – a creature and the soul.” “Ascetics are unique, and to become ascetic is very difficult. Get Membership Now. “Shri Gurucharan Kamlebhyo Namah”. “Donation for membership of Dhyan Yog Jan Jagruti Seva Sansthan is exempt under clause 80 -G.

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Keep looking at the moon and close your eyes and make an effort to get connected with yourself within whom the divine is residing. Seek the ‘inner self’ which is a treasure of spiritual consciousness beyond mundane life But the person who has true knowledge he starts understanding the mystery of life with the help of Intubation. Dhyan affect positively on all fronts: We can convene with each other with Dhyan yog in and affection, where no place for thoughts, no place for the envy and jealousy with lots of love in heart.

Start murmuring any random song and keep swaying your body slowly, then you attain the pose of dance. Miraculous descended brahma consultation divine grantha.

When meditator reaches in his inner self than he realize the presence of dhyan yog in energy in his inner soul, which is nothing but presence of God. I will explain with an example.

Only an innocent creature full dhyan yog in devotion, love and amity and inclined towards God can understand the real meaning of the word diksha and can revel in heavenly spiritual pleasure and ecstasy by positing himself with the Guru, who dhyan yog in an emblem of God and eternal truth.


Every particle of this universe gives the knowledge of Yoga if you are simple calm and thoughtfulness then you will find that God everywhere and this high desire takes you in yourself only.

Third Technique — Song.

Books written by Yogi Anand Ji

To serve humanity through selfless service without discrimination based on race, religion, nationality, caste or gender. Sadhana means to motivate life by controlling the body, mind, life breath and the senses. Sit with a centered mind, dyyan listen to it and make it a dhyan yog in practice.

Satsang Shivir November 10th, This is very straightforward, simple and beautiful process to achieve the God. In a closed dhyan yog in sit alone, take any random song and take it up as dhyann belief, that you are singing this song for the love of the divine. Pooja Moolam Guru Padam.

Listen to it as if you want to dissolve yourself, get immersed into it.

Sadhana means Initiation, practice. Dhyan gives a divine feeling to creatures. Then you repose in yourself. Sadguru Kamal is divinity, purity, impartiality.

Make an effort to observe the light flame, on continuously seeing your eyes will automatically close. Leavign the thoughts of yoy world, move on a journey of self. The 15th day of the month of August dawned dhyan yog in new redness and with iin for everyone.

Yog is the happy time of the meeting between the soul and God – a creature and the soul. Basically the person who has knowledge, he also has attitude of his knowledge and this dhyan yog in makes little harder to meet the God.

Diksha is the base of life. What type of music would you like to have as meditation? When will you be on time? Serving deprived for their life for their education. Through The medium of dance you can slowly, step by step move towards yourself, but learn how to do this dhyan yog in When it happens effortlessly, you just need to instruct your praana, this was the dhyan yog in step.


Dhyan Yog Ashram – Dhyan Yog Ashram

The importance of devotion is great like sacred flow of mountain river which born in your heart when you start worship of someone.

Veiw Our Upcoming Programs. Then the Lord will certainly saturate you with pleasure Illuminate the world with the light of truth and honesty From ancient times Dhyan was considered to be an enigmatic subject kept closely guarded by Indian sages, saints and mystics. Amour means Love and love is very imperative.

Finding our self is dhyan yog in but finding Dhyan yog in.

Ascetics always dhyan yog in thinking of God and they always try to reach their goal. For this you have to see God in your Work only. Dhyan meditation is the spiritual exercise that ends the distance between Atma the soul and Parmatma God.

Guru is the primordial and the ultimate divine, meditate daily on his for m. Dignify yourself on this earth by understanding the virtue ni life, by moving on the path of truth and by acquiring this divine wealth With tear filled eyes, give dhyan yog in whole hearted attempt to move on the journey of self.