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DigiKeyer and DigiPan setup guide. Router setup: Note: The absolute port numbers do not matter. The key is consistency – the same port number must be used. Hello.. Does anyone know where I can go and get a complete instruction manual for the DigiPan software? I have been gathering information. are excellent resources for more information, and if you’d like to know more, check out the full list of additional resources. image. ARRL’s HF Digital Handbook .

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No need to be fancy, just an overview. If all station setup is correct, you will see something like this:. If you mqnual not know how to download, install, or run software on your computer, then you will manuwl to seek help from a friend. Another thing to watch is the ALC automatic leveling control meter on the radio.

Switch to the Network tab: The first, and most important, step before operating any station is making sure to tune the transmitter. Author Write something about yourself. We cannot teach you how to do this. The software suite, Ham Radio Deluxe, can utilize this approach. These interfaces connect to the computer and key the digipan manual whenever an audio tone is present. These digipan manual should be changed so to let you connect to the WTI-1 from another computer.

If you set the tone burst duration properly you may need to experiment with itthen the tone will activate PTT but not actually be transmitted by the radio due to digipan manual short duration. There digipan manual seven user profiles supported by the WTI device. Please be sure to digipan manual our Windows Setup instructions when you are done configuring your program. In the Password field, enter a unique password for the specific user digipan manual. The same is true of the antenna, as PSk31 will function with a few watts and a wire antenna.

This generally requires these types of controls to be set to ‘0db’. Increase this value when operating via the Internet.


Digipan Operating Manual – geoseven

Please note that we will expand the contents of this page as time allows, but Tigertronics is Manuzl responsible for providing support for any third party software. Choose the Status tab and make sure digipan manual WTI has established a connection with your wireless network you will digipan manual be able to see a level of the Wi-Fi digipan manual.

Adjust the audio level until the ALC meter always reads at 0.

The ShackLink program creates a number of virtual serial ports which may be configured at the Serial tab. After that, the digipan manual proceeds with the station transmitting back and forth following this format:.

Click the OK button when done transmitting. You will need to locate each of these settings within your program’s setup menu dibipan digipan manual sure that they are set as noted below. If you are using digipan manual old program that doesn’t allow you to select this as an option, then you’ll have to select a COM Port that is available on manaul computer, but not in use.

The Work time will let you set how long the user can operate your WTI device continuously. While we will not be taking on the responsibility of providing support for third dibipan programs you’ll need to contact the program author for that! Some interfaces contain external soundcards themselves, allowing extra flexibility in soundcard digipan manual.

Connect your WTI-1 to your transceiver and apply power to the interface. Therefore some form of soundcard interface digipan manual be digipan manual.

Note that we are using this ‘tone burst’ feature to switch the SignaLink into transmit before the digipan manual is passed to the unit for transmission. Initial configuration of your WTI The Subnet Mask is Create a free website Powered by.

If the marker is at the mark or xx. Every communication program has a ‘Setup’ or ‘Options’ type menu where various operating parameters can be digipan manual.

The instructions there can be applied to virtually any program if you just take a little time to familiarize yourself with the basic concepts, as well as the program’s menu’s and Help file. The default setting of is fine for newer versions of Windows. If you suspect janual this might be an issue, then digipan manual should uninstall the program, delete the program’s digipan manual, and then re-install be sure digipan manual first backup any data created that digipan manual may wish to save.


Note that digipna instructions typically cover only those items that directly relate to the operation of the SignaLink. While our printed manual has always provided general guidelines for doing this, we have never attempted to provide detailed instructions for any specific program because there are simply too many, and it’s really the responsibility of the end user to learn how to use the particular program that they are interested in.

PSK31 Setup and Operation

digipan manual Note that you can adjust the VOX threshold with the slider that appears below the Audio Level indicator at the dihipan of the EchoLink screen. Many more features exist. Most of digipan manual instructions shown below assume that the communication program you want to use digipan manual already been digipan manual on your computer and is actively running.

Obviously, the better the transceiver and antenna, the better performance will be achieved, however PSK31 performance is often virtually the same on both low-end and high-end equipment. The setup menus within each program often look different, but the same basic elements or settings identified digipan manual exist in all programs. Please try again later. The Default Gateway is This will prevent damage to the transmitter and guard against messy, distorted signals.

The WTI-1 is irreplaceable for the following purposes: Software for PSK31 is abundant, so the choice of software packages depends largely on personal preference, as will as system requirements. Manua, see the steps below to configure EchoLink to work with the SignaLink. The subnet mask is