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various cable testing methods. The choice of the right method and the most appropriate instrument Before moving on to the main hipot testing techniques, it is. that you understand the proper setup and use of our hi-pot testers. Please accepts pass results for the following four hi-pot test methods: AC VOLTAGE. Hipot testing involves using a high potential (voltage) to test insulation. A hipot test can be very useful in helping you develop a process that builds high quality.

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DC Hipot Tester – Hipot Test Procedure – Electrom Instruments

Chickenhawk Aug 12, This is a high-voltage bipot that is applied to all devices for a specific time in order to ensure that the insulation is not marginal. Testing a contact in this fashion makes sure it is isolated from all other contacts.

This failure condition can cause a shock to anyone that comes into contact with the faulty product. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Do we need to test Hipot test before Functional test or after Functional test? The test time for most tdst, including products covered under IECis 1 minute. There are times when failure or partial failure is indicated by a large abnormal change in the measured current or by erratic behavior of the measured current.

It is a result of surface contamination, dirt and moisture on the windings that are connected to ground. Electrical insulation failure or breakdown is usually indicated by an arc, a sharp capacitive discharge, at the failure location. Sometimes the question becomes, which is it, dirt or weak insulation? A minor disadvantage of the ac hipot tester is that if the circuit under test has large values of Y capacitors, then, depending on the current trip setting of the hipot tester, the ac tester porcedure indicate a failure.

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Once this has been achieved, then the leakage current trip level should be set to a slightly higher value than the average figure. Jonhny Magtulis Jan 15, The other side of the supply is connected to the conductor being tested.

When you have more than two contacts to be hipot tested you connect one contact to high voltage and connect all other contacts to ground. Leave a Comment Click here to cancel reply.

This current is present during the atomic and any molecular polarization of the insulation, and is the current one is interested in during a PI test. Hossein It is easy, go on spread sheet, design your sheet.

The cables run underground; one end comes up parallel feed the steel structure of a switch-yard, and the other end to a utility wooden pole and are braced to a cross-arm — The 15kv terminations are installed and left to be tested on both ends.

Yet due to design flaws or other factors, the insulation in a product can break down, resulting in excessive leakage current flow. In a typical wired assembly a hipot test should connect all circuits hipto common to ground. Jitu Oct 22, January 17, by shawn. Syamdas Nov 14, Approximate what will be the total time required to conduct 2 sec HIPOT test for cable having approximate length of 2 M and connector at pgocedure ends? Under normal conditions, any electrical device will produce a minimal amount of leakage current due to the voltages and internal capacitance present within the product.

Anbu Dec 18, Another method of establishing the current trip hest would be to use the following mathematical formula: This can be done on both types of cables?

What is HIPOT Testing (Dielectric Strength Test)?

Himanshu Behera Mar 29, A hipot test also called Dielectric Withstanding Voltage DWV test verifies that the insulation of a product or proceduge is sufficient to protect the operator from electrical shock. Dear Sir, Is there any Standard for the amount of allowable leakage current during the High-Pot testing of Switchgears?.

The leakage proceddure must be below a preset limit or the test is considered to have failed. The test setup and procedures are identical for both ac and dc hipot tests. One of the advantages of using a dc test voltage is that the leakage current trip can be set to a much lower value than that of an ac test voltage. Any help would be appreciated!


How DC Hipot Tests Work

For new, totally clean, and dry motors this current should be procerure or near zero. However, it is a good practice to always ensure that a product is discharged, regardless of the test voltage or its nature, before it is handled. The best way to identify the trip level is to test some product samples and establish an average hipot current. CB Tan Feb 17, Current is required to elevate its voltage potential. Thanks alot for this very usefull idea.

The DC voltage potential in the windings is rapidly raised to a predetermined level, or raised in steps up to this level, depending on what test method is used. A standard test voltage is applied below the established Breakdown Voltage and the resulting leakage current is monitored. With the supply connected like this there are two places a given conductor can yipot connected: Neatly explained, step by step.

Palwinder Singh Jan 30, In modern day test kit, we could find many options, 25mA, 50mA, 75mA… I heard, insulation should not get breakdown or kit should not trip. What is the difference in measuring leakage current and partial discharge while performing Dielectric tests. Joey Dec 15, Hipot test makes surety of no current will flow from one point to another point.

Views Read Edit View history. For example, for a V-ac voltage, the equivalent dc voltage to produce the same amount of stress on the insulation would be x 1.