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Your Hewlett-Packard (HP) scanner can not only scan photos, business cards, letters and other documents, the device is capable of scanning a document. Here are the simple steps for HP Photosmart scan to computer. If you want to Scan Multiple Documents, Use the Option Save and all. Print, scan, and share with your HP Printer anytime, anywhere! . There’s also no option to print multiple pages on one sheet to save paper or have a smaller.

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Best value for money. Never had a HP printer before and never will again. So much money on ink! My printer has been working fine and when the black ran out I replaced it with an hp cartridge. Was advised the HP Photosmart was the present day replacement so I bought it. Can’t fault it now.

Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. DiDiBu posted on Mar 05, Spend ages over the phone and via the internet determining the there was something wrong with mulfiple printer.

Overall, this a good value printer. Write a review on ProductReview. I havent printed 50 pages yet and now I’m out of ink.

Solved: scan multiple pages with HP Photosmart – HP Support Community –

Worst printer I’ve had. Minor enhancements and bug fixes. I have been using non HP cartridges lately which work fine. Fiona replied on Sep 14, First it takes a really long time to boot. I only ever have purchased hp inks. Do not waste your time!


It’s temperamental and so so noisy! When you google the problem it is evident that this is a major fault in the HP printers and I will never buy HP products ever again! I researched and found it was a common problem!

Same problem as Pgotosmart have seen. It is just guessing.

I am only using the app because iOS print service will only use Tray 1 on my Laserjet which requires manual paper feed. Cleaned, realigned heads, off on etc but nothing works. What ppages to happen is the printer seems to go into some sort of suspended animation state and the app comes up with a tick by the printer and an estimate of the state of the cartridges.

It worked well, did everything is should. Best value for money – Phktosmart written instructions in the box were confusing.

‎HP Smart on the App Store

Yes, but not from the touch screen panel on the printer. Sep Great addition to my home office. So this machine prints out the alignment page which is a full coloured page and this page has to be scanned to somehow align the print cartridges. Now we’ve had all sorts off issues with cartridges not lasting anywhere near as long as I think they should and the black cartridge not printing, so often, and saying it’s not genuine – it is! You think the paper is in as far as it can go but it still says it’s not loaded, so you push it in and then it says there’s a jam – it’s a fine line!!


I loved the feature on my old Epsom that scanned 4 photos as 4 separate images – which this doesn’t. A month out of warranty it failed completely. It prints well and easy to setup – i am using linux and it works well on linux too.

Geoff parrott asked on Mar 12, I’ve moved away from using the laptop and now use the ipad for pretty well everything Your trust is our top concern.

Does the job but is noisy and seems to take forever to go through it’s setup process when turned on.

This was quite a clever feature, basically if you can email it you can email it to the printer and it pahes it, very good, except when it goes haywire half of the time. Better than any other printer we’ve owned. Looking to buy another printer but now wary of HP.

Now available in Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, and Finnish. It was cheap too.

How to Scan your Documents Using HP PhotoSmart 5520 Printer

Strange I’m doing everything I can not up print documents and I don’t scan anything unless my life depends on it. Write a review Ask a question. I have to admit to writing out of frustration on having been thwarted on three occasions so far today to print from web pages.