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Invincible is the ninth and final book in the Legacy of the Force series. It is a novel by Troy Denning and was released on May 13, Invincible has ratings and reviews. Heather said: Oh, I LOVED this one. But, beware, spoilers abound in this review.I had pretty much figured o. 4 quotes from Invincible (Star Wars: Legacy of the Force, #9): ‘Han?”“Yeah, sweetie.”“How do you teach a man not to be a noble, long-suffering, self-sa.

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The overall narrative could have been a little tighter as well.

I thought her motive for joining Jacen was a little weak. You’ll be much happier with the series as a whole if you save yourself the frustration and leave this “conclusion” on the shelf. Ben Skywalker and Tahiri.

It’ll be interesting to see how this experience will affect his future. Considering his past roles, I was a bit disappointed in his treatment. Ben was probably one of the most developed characters of the series. Due to the secrecy of Allana’s parentage [besides the mother, everyone already knowing it was Queen Mother Tenel Ka of Hapes], they couldn’t before.

It just rubbed me wrong.

Invincible: Star Wars Legends (Legacy of the Force) by Troy Denning | : Books

One can really see how Jacen could have fallen to prey to the wiles of the Dark Lady Lumiya and become a Sith. Each chapter begins with a joke told by Jacen Solo when he was a teenager young Jedi training at the Jedi Praxeum on Yavin 4.

The furious final moments between power and peace are here, and whoever confronts Darth Caedus will decide the outcome—and the fate of those left standing. Luke’s efforts to confuse the Sith pay off, leaving Caedus confused and hungry for vengeance.


Jaina fights Caedus twice in the book, but the first time one of his arms was disabled and the second time he only had one arm. Ben Skywalker and Tahiri Veila also had key, and satisfying roles as the series wrapped up nicely. Dec 30, Pages.

Scenes where characters spends a page extemporising about throw-away one liners betray an author who is far more amused than he should be about his characters’ witty retorts.

Then Caedus and Niathal fight each other and it is really never stated what happened to the Correlians.

Invincible: Star Wars Legends (Legacy of the Force)

Jun 18, Katrin von Martin rated it liked it Shelves: The only reason that Luke himself will not go after Caedus, as he is clearly more powerful than him, is that when Luke killed Lumiya in vengeance for the death of his wife, Marahe had been tainted by the dark side of the Force. The only other characters to have their point-of-views represented in this novel are Darth Caedus, Ben Skywalker, and Han Solo.

Buy the Audiobook Download: After reading the pretty amazing “Revelation” by Karen Traviss, you kind of have to wonder what happened. The various plot-lines had been built up and woven together far too effectively to be so casually brushed aside for a pretty banal and by-the-numbers conclusion. The audio version is narrated by Marc Thompson. I hate everything Jacen has become. Traviss moves all the chess pieces around the board to establish an interesting political, military, and philosophical standoff, then along comes “Invincible”, and all that groundwork, and all those characters either disappear, or are reduced back to the stock cliches that were the hallmark of the worst Bantam novels anyone remember “The Crystal Star” or “The New Rebellion”?

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Jan 10, Derrick Contreras rated it liked it. It seemed like in the other eight books there was an effort to make the reader hate Jacen for everything he did. Sep 08, Sagicorn rated it did not like it. Reviewed by Wyatt R.

There just wasn’t enough material to conclude the series to satisfaction. At the same time, the Galactic Alliance, with the extraordinary power and dark brilliance of newly ascendant Sith Lord Darth Caedus at its helm, may be unstoppable.

Stay in Touch Sign up. The furious final moments between power and peace are here, and whoever confronts Darth Caedus will venning the outcome—and the fate of those left standing.

Invincuble Read Edit View history.

Also, the scene where Rtoy attempts to seduce Ben is just plain creepy. Star Wars Legends novels — There were a couple other things that bothered me. The incomplete warning that Jacen had given Tenel Ka through the Force was enough to to save herself and Allana from the nanokiller, and then the Queen Mother had given Allana, renamed Amelia, a war orphan, to Han and Leia so that, with everyone else believing that she is dead, no invinclble will go after her via Hapan assassination.