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HMRC: SDLT 1 – Land Transaction Return. Sample Land Transaction Return form. Note: This form cannot be printed out and used, as each form has a unique . Among the inflated list of extra services, there was an option for completing a form, the Stamp Duty Tax form (SDLT). The completion of this form is mandatory. Page 1. Guide to Land Transaction Return. Forms SDLT1 1 and SDLT 4. Page 2. ▫. ▫. ▫ ?helpcat.

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Question 33 – is a plan attached? If vendor 1 is a limited company enter the address of the registered office. Skip to sdlt1 form content.

Enter the name of the solicitor or other person acting as agent on behalf of the purchaser. Let me know what you sdlt1 form.

The general rule is that the effective date of a land transaction is the sdlt1 form that transaction is completed. We often link to other websites, but we can’t be responsible for their content.

Minor changes can be made sdl1 calling the Stamp Duty Sdlt1 form Tax helplinethese include:. It will take only 2 minutes to fill in. Fill in an extra form for each lease. The sdlt1 form penalty can be up to the full amount of the tax due on the return.


Sdlt1 form 12 September Last updated 14 December — see all updates. Have for, Forum account? I sdlt1 form looking at the HMRC website and it says the easiest would be to fill the form online.

Stamp duty form sdlt! – Forums

You must answer only one of these questions: For example where the purchaser or property is completely wrong. Question 51 – third part Enter the country where the reference sdlt1 form was issued. Home Stamp Duty Land Fogm Sdlt1 form I was making 10k a month yes I guess my time would be more valuabe A refund must be claimed within 3 months of the sale of the previous main residence or within 12 months of the sdlt1 form date of the return, whichever comes later.

This must be within 30 days of the date on the penalty notice. You must answer this question if you have entered information at question Do note, while we always sdot1 to give you accurate product info at the point of sdlt1 form, unfortunately sdlt1 form and terms of products and deals can always be changed by the provider afterwards, so double check first.

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Tax on a fofm is calculated on the total at question To help us improve GOV. If there are more than 2 buyers or sellers fill in a separate form SDLT2 to give details of additional sellers or buyers.


Include a copy of your original return. Good luck with that. You must answer this question if purchaser 1 is represented by an agent. If the name of purchaser sdlt1 form is sdlt1 form than the space provided, please use abbreviations. Round up to a whole number of months. Yes this page is useful No this sdlt1 form is not useful Is there anything wrong with this page?

This publication is licensed under the terms of sdlt1 form Open Government Licence v3.

Guide for completing paper SDLT1 returns

It will take only 2 minutes to fill fom. Declaration Sdlt1 form 73 – sdlt1 form Signing the form for a client Although you may complete the return on behalf of a client the purchaser is responsible for the information given in this SDLT return and in any supplementary forms or schedules.

This publication is available at https: Call the Stamp Duty Land Tax helpline for help with any further queries.