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Shivananda Lahari (IAST Śivānanda Lahiri) is a devotional hymn composed by Adi Shankara, the 8th-century Advaita philosopher, on Shiva. It literally means. Sri Ramana Maharshi selected ten verses from, Sivanandalahari, the famous original verse in Sanskrit, English transliteration and complete meaning of the. Books > Hindu > Gods > Shiva > Sivanandalahari by Sri Sankaracharya (( Sanskrit Text, Transliteration, Word to Word Meaning, Translation and Detailed.

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The stutis and stotras he had written are the examples of his unflinching devotion to the Supreme Reality. I got the rare Pt Raju’s book with a very speedy and lahqri service from Exotic India. The lowest state of happiness is Shukh. Sri Adi Sankara Bhagawatpada, the greatest philosopher who treaded the length and breadth of India establishing the Advaidic philosophy, was also a devoted bhakta and a great poet.

Your selection of books is impressive and unique in USA. It evaporates once bhakti evaporates. So it is momentary and one has to waste a lot of his energy for it and also the awareness has to be applied fully.

The loving Lord constantly rains down His Grace. As soon as he withdraws his Sakthi the happiness also ceases to exist. You developed great confidence in me.

Thank you very much. Central Chinmaya Mission Trust.

All of us meainng this ray of love called Hridaya Rekha in our hearts. Thanks a lot Exotic India family for such a fantabulous response. Will again purchase books from you.


Mayadevi who is the universal mother does not like any of her Children to dissolve and disappear like this. This fact one can come to know when he reads the works of this Great Master. But for him I, sicananda ordinary mortal would not have dared this.

Shivananda Lahari

Please read our Privacy Policy for details. I hope to do future purchases from you. So the bhakta tries to go to Bhagawan forgetting His form, shape etc. Just as Mother Ganga comes down from the great sivanqnda of the Himalayas changing her course, colour and contents on and off according to the different landscapes she passes, this Gnana Ganga, the poetry of Bhagawan Sankara, starts from the union of Lord Siva and Mother Umadevi. There is no meanlng to experience the Bliss.

Hide my email address. Here the Bhakta, Bhagawan and Bhakti are separate from each other. For enjoying this also the Bhakta has to connect himself to the Deva.

You will be informed as and when your card is viewed. The moment one forgets God due to some other distraction, the Ananda attained disappears. Total identification in love and complete surrender with the Lord of one’s heart is Bhakti.

It is he who is speaking through my pen. So one has to pray to Mayadevi also before experiencing the Sivananda. Swami Tapasyananda Paperback Edition: It is with great pleasure to lahzri you know that I did receive sicananda books now and am really touched by your customer service. It was very easy ordering from the website.

One experiences it only in the presence of objects. So in his first verse of Sivanandalahari, Bhagawan Sankara, the great teacher of the world offers his prayers to both Siva and Parvathi together. But once one jumps into that ananda Sagara he also disappears completely like the salt doll that went to measure the depth of the ocean.


Share our website with your friends. So in this stage only the visible symbol meanjng God given Ananda. Based on your browsing history. Verify the characters on the left From: Vasudevan, disciple of Parampoojya Gurudev Swami Chinmayanandaji.

This is the moment when waves of Bliss arising out of that total auspiciousness is experienced by the Bhakta. At this moment one gets the experience of flood of Ananda and also the taste of auspiciousness. This will help us make recommendations and send discounts and sale information at times. Thank you for existing and sharing India’s wonderful heritage and legacy to the world. He has just passed on his experiences, during the great moments of Oneness with the Infinite Lord, in the form of beautiful poetry.

Thank you for great service in the past.

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This work was initiated, helped and encouraged by my guru Prof. Sri Saundarya Lahari The Descent. It is up to the sivamanda to contact that wavelength of Divine love and hear the eternal music of the Lord. Sivananda Lahari of Adi Sankara Bhagavadpada.