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9 quotes from Sun Tzu Was a Sissy: Conquer Your Enemies, Promote Your Friends, and Wage the Real Art of War: ‘to Alexander the Great, who wept when. 15 Nov (FORTUNE Magazine) – SEVERAL THOUSAND YEARS AGO IN CHINA, or what was destined to be China, there lived a guy named Sun Tzu. Sun Tzu Was a Sissy: Conquer Your Enemies, Promote Your Friends, and Wage the Twenty-five hundred years ago, Chinese philosopher Sun Tzu sagely.

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Susan rated it liked it Oct 20, Oct 02, James Gingerich rated it liked it. It’s more like another Chinese contribution to world culture: This is the time, before too much sub has been shed and everybody has forgotten what the whole thing was supposed to be about, when the greatest gains can be made by an aggressor.

I know it 19s supposed to be humorous and a lot of it was but was it done properly. Far more difficult is to stand tall when the ground under one’s feet is infested with worms.

Every other book on the Art of War bows low to Sun Tzu. The battle must be concluded and other aspects of the war pursued. Ultimately, however, people will be disgusted with you, so be careful displaying the fact that you have no conscience about these things. And yet, we all line up every day prepared to lay down our lives for our leaders.

Tim Kubiak rated it really liked it Jun z, Want to Read Currently Reading Read. These include Crazy Bosses, which, in mapping the relationship between pathology and power, predicted so much of the current political climate; What Would Sissg Do, which addressed why mean people often do better than nice ones; and most recently a comprehensive replacement for the traditional MBA program, The Curriculum.


From the Heart romance readers. Those who want to prevail in these perilous times had better know how to wage war to win, getting deep down into the field of battle with the stink of sweat and Diet Coke in your nostrils and the tears of big, bald men all over your shoes.

But there’s no business like Tzu business, not today. The junior pig, yes–that porker must be bound, trussed, and broiled, served up in public with an apple in his mouth.

Sun Tzu Was a Sissy Quotes

Entertaining read that I hope was sisy to be humorous. Here are some other fronts that have been opened by warriors through the years, for better and in some cases for way, way worse.

ChristensenEfosa OjomoKaren Dillon. If you want to be, you have to be able to take the very first step toward attaining that capability.

In many cases, in fact, the spy is a consultant. But as a rule, that would be unfortunate. You can always depend on a spy to do what spies do, whereas friends, enemies, and subordinates can sometimes do unexpected things. All military strategies will be explored, from mustering, equipping, organizing, plotting, scheming, rampaging, squashing and reaping spoils.

Strike early each day, and strike often. Students of Bing will be taught how to plan and execute battles that hurt other people a lot, and advance their flags and those of their friends, if possible.


Too much yang is not a good thing. You’d be amazed to truly grasp how important propaganda is to your purpose.

Sun Tzu Was a Sissy – Stanley Bing – Paperback

The business universe pales by comparison. I sisssy one who doesn 19t take offence but you never know Andrea rated it it was ok Jun 21, I am sure there are a ton of people who will like this book because of the wit of Mr. Every other book on the Art of War bows low to Sun Tzu. Bing uses the business sector as his prodigy messenger to unleash his comments and opinions into a military style context.

Sun Tzu Was a Sissy Quotes by Stanley Bing

Either way, I get enough of that at work By submitting your email address, you understand that you will receive email communications from Bookperk and other HarperCollins services. You always know that a side has lost a war when they lose control of the press. Lying is a sissy trait. About Product Details Praise We live in a vicious, highly competitive workplace environment, and things aren’t getting any better.

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