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Why You Need Uranometria * (*even if you don’t know that you do!)— Uranometria is a star atlas with more than stars plotted down to. 22 Mar Uranometria Deep Sky Atlas All Sky Edition ($) is now the staff of Sky Publishing in and specializes in astrophotography. I I 2, 4, TheCambridgeEncyclopedia_of Meteorites Uranometria Deep SkyAtlas (2nd Edition) byWiITirion~ Barry Rappaport &WiI Remakius.

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Traveler and North of Sixty like this.

Uranometria All-Sky Edition – Sky & Telescope

Edited November 18, by John. I’ve also got my observing logbook a spreadsheet on there now. Or perhaps is is edge-on— even bright ones like this are sometimes hard to find. Even though Cragin started with the very best professional data available literally tens of thousands of corrections, large and small, were made. Many moons ago my wife gave me a copy of U as a present when it was first published.

Using its detailed charts, we were 200 to star-hop to a few of them, some with uranometri brightnesses below 13 magnitudes per square arcminute. Take galaxies for example. Posted 28 April – Posted November 18, edited.

The richness inherent in Uranometria After much consideration, I took an exacto knife and cut each page from the binding and kept them as “originals” using to make Xerox copies to stick in a clear sheet protector for use at the scope. Click on map for full size image. Not sure where it is? No other large-scale atlas has this attention to detail, nor anywhere near as many objects—by a factor of 3!


The All Sky must be newer then. Stars are continuously tapered to create a more realistic perspective Details. Posted 09 May – I always take out my Sky and Telescope Atlas plus either the Uranometria or Instellarium Atlas and place them in a large plastic box.

Posted November 18, Then Collins Field Guide.

All by itself this atlas has created a little revolution in the world of amateur astronomy. MegaStar looks very capable, but the only issue I wanted to address is depiction of dark nebula, which in SkySafari makes confirmation of an observation problematic.

Comparison of a Several Star Atlases

I got mine for 30p. Flyingsnow – Today, On 18 November at You can still buy the original red cover S Iranometria volume on Amazon. Don’t get me wrong, I love U for indoor browsing but don’t want to go back to carrying 20 pounds of books out in the field. All intermediate and serious amateur astronomers will want to own this definitive star atlas.

Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled. Actually, I was thinking for confirmation of certain targets – specifically dark nebula, but sometimes emission nebula too. I observed and logged more than fifty new galaxies not including the usual Messiers that night. Also, the scale of the charts sometimes can make positive identification of that fuzzy patch difficult if not impossible. Now, in what is almost certainly the astronomy publishing event of the year, the ultimate star atlas for more serious amateur astronomers has uranometia arrived.

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Well, if this describes you, then you might not know it yet but you need a copy of Uranometria An iPad version of U would be ideal.

I have been using SkySafari for years now, but ironically with NV I find myself going old school on the atlas due to the better depiction of large-scale bright and dark nebula.

Uranometria 2000.0 All-Sky Edition

I suppose I could scan my copies, but it would be a big project and I may have to cut the pages out to get them to lay flat on the scanner. I just love printed star charts!

So, I emailed Wil Tirion and we exchanged emails. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. The last word in star atlases. You can make it a white background if desired, and set the magnitude limits anywhere you want.