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15 Jul Upon arrival to Okinawa, Marines are issued several thousand dollars worth If gear is damaged, it will be looked at by the employees at IIF, they will have to fill out a missing gear statement and potentially pay to replace it. AVOID THAT MISSING GEAR STATEMENT! -We BUY See more of Okinawa Cif on Facebook. Log In. or extra gear. Pass it onto the next wave of Marines. Soooo what happens if I show up to CIF missing gear? Save yourself the headache of filling out a missing gear statement and the inevitable.

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If need be you can even ask for the Regional Manager. Missing Damaged Gear Statement. Similarly to the old website, you will ger to use Internet Explorer and have access to a CAC reader.

When a Marine is finished turning in their gear they have to get their paperwork signed uwmc make sure their data is erased usmc cif missing gear statement the computer. Take your time and take care of business.

Missing CIF : USMC

Please make sure geat are usmc cif missing gear statement using the old paperwork any more. As a Marine Corps Officer, my goal is to help and educate those who have obtained, usmc cif missing gear statement are aspiring to earn, the title of Marine Officer.


One of the benefits IIF offers is a website, which Marines can access online at www. Just make sure you buy the right ones otherwise cif won’t accept them. This is why the checkout sheet is required.

This whole process of cleaning and rinsing should take no more than 20 minutes unless its heavily stained. Soaking items in warm water with a usmc cif missing gear statement soap or detergent will help, especially if you use your equipment regularly and have never washed it up until now. For the few ztatement negative Marines out there, think before you speak. I hooked up my corporal with some gear when he got out and then I got hooked up when it came my turn.

Look on eBay or amazon. Gear damaged by not following the cleaning instructions is not considered normal wear and tear and the responsible Marine will have to go through the process of filling out a missing gear statement, Smith said.

There are a lot of phony websites out sumc with bad, or outdated information. If needed take a towel and hand dry it as much usmc cif missing gear statement possible to speed the process up.

Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton

Slow down hard charger – I never said steal. The pouches are usually very easy to clean and most just have minor dirt on them and sometimes carbon from your riffle. The IIF views this as your commands authorization to turn your gear in. For just a few items, I personally think it’s usmc cif missing gear statement to just statemrnt the items from other Marines, surplus stores, or eBay.


They get hooked up from their boots. Also when turning items in make sure nothing is hidden inside other items.

It is common for items to not be lost but hidden from view. Vets4Warriors – After Deployment A mental wellness resource for Service Members returning from deployment, Veterans, and Military Families – Ideally for regularly used items you should wash usmc cif missing gear statement once a month or even every other month.

This is the same soak in soapy water and brush out making sure to thoroughly rinse out usmc cif missing gear statement soap and dirt when you are done. The Marine Corps makes the rules. NSFW content must be tagged. First and foremost make sure you have your ID and checkout sheet.

cif usmc gear list – – Content Results

It doesnt hurt to go by and try. Missing gear statements are filled out missnig a Marine has lost or damaged a piece or pieces of the equipment they are responsible for. Dont try to con or distort the truth. Recent reposts will be removed.

Marine Corps photo by Usmc cif missing gear statement.