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Introduction. This manual provides the technical information necessary for servicing the VX-3R Ul- tra-Compact Dual-Band Transceiver. Servicing this equipment. VX-3R Manual en Español. Your AD Here. Download details. VX-3R Manual en Español. (5 votes). Data. File name. Size, MB. Downloads, Language . 7 Dec You can write your own review of the Yaesu VX-3R. . manual is not yet available to make up for the lack of a schematic in the owner’s manual.

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The manual does NOT include a schematic.

Reviews – Yaesu VX-3R

Press the PTT switch to exit to normal operation. Press the [ TXPO ] key momentarily to transmit the tone string. Six characters may be used in yaesu vx-3r manual creation of a label.

yaesu vx-3r manual The red illumination yields clear viewing of the display in yaes dark environment, with minimal degradation of your night vision. But it can not be heard in the noise on the VX-3R with the standard antenna. Memory Offset Tuning Function: When repairs are made the memory data may be lost.

This will significantly improve battery life, too!

Page Available Values: Two yaesu vx-3r manual frequency navigation methods are available on the VX-3R: Yaesu vx-3r manual page 92 for programming.


Yaesu vx-3r manual you have a local 10 KW station, it will do well. It is far worse than FM band performance. Page The VX-3R includes a simple method of accomplishing this: It just turns out that the component to be removed manuql be, for many of us, very difficult to safely remove, due to being a very yaexu surface mount item in an uncomfortably recessed location.

Night-time AM propagation will allow you to detect, barely, some of those clear-channel 50 KW stations. This thing will do about any type of band and memory scan that you could imagine.

When the amateur band signal drops, the SUB-RX Operation is re- sumed as determined by the user settings in the below procedures. Page 44 On rare occasions the memorized data yaesu vx-3r manual become corrupted by miss gx-3r, or static electricity.

Downloads – YAESU – VX-3R Manual en Español

This is a channelized system which allows free tuning throughout the currently-selected operating band. But I’d recommend going to the Yaesu website http: I do not consider this a VX-3R negative, though I was surprised by it.

If you want to change direction of the scan while it is un- derway, rotate the DIAL knob yaesu vx-3r manual click in the opposite direction in this case, one click counter-clockwise. When you have made your selection, press the PTT switch to save the settings and exit to normal operation. In an area with a strong AM station, the station will be copied over about 40 or 50 kHz, even with the unit’s minimal sensitivity.


The radio is made in Yaesu vx-3r manual, not China. Yaesu vx-3r manual 86 [ ] key, while you are transmitting, to send out the selected DTMF string to establish the link to the desired Internet-link mode.

The MARS modification is shown at various sites.

Yaesu Operating Guides

What makes this so unexpected is the unit’s ferrite-bar AM antenna. Page 23 Yaesu vx-3r manual number of steps may be important to your operating requirements. To place the radio into the Memory Only mode, turn the radio off.

Page 68 Set Mode Item. To disable the alpha-numeric Tag and enable the frequency display: Fortunately, the VX-3R includes provision for dividing the memories into as many as 24 Memory Groups, so you can categorize the memories in a manner convenient to you. yaesu vx-3r manual

Uses the internal Bar Antenna only. I’d have liked to rate the unit as a 4.